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Dec 062012

Warm your cockles and ditch the detox!

Christmas is the time for giving, but also a time to say ‘bring it on’ to extra helpings of mince pies and mulled wine by the flagon…  So come 2nd January, many of us feel the need to get back into shape and utter the dreaded ‘d’ word…. yes I mean detox! Eeek!

So come mid-January when we fall off the detox wagon, and end up drinking a few pints or burying our heads in a tub of Cadburys Heros, we then end up piling on the guilt as well. No wonder so many of us get the January Blues!

So what do I suggest? Well, for starters, be very wary of the detox diet, especially when cutting out the carbs. People often think that by severely restricting their intake of carbohydrates they are doing their body a favour (hello Dr Atkins). But in the Winter our bodies require carbohydrates not just for energy and therefore warmth, but to assist brain, immune and nervous system function, as well as help boost our mood. Anyone who has gone a while without eating will know how easy it is to become irritable and be unable to think straight. If you want to lose a bit of weight or feel fitter then much better to eat a balance diet which includes the carbs our bodies need, but get out into the winter sunshine for some brisk walks and save the booze till the weekends.

And whilst we’re at it, don’t think that munching on salads is always a good thing. In Winter our bodies need warmth and nourishment so much better to get some tasty soups and stews inside you. Save the salads till Spring and Summer when we are much better equipped to deal with cold foods in our belly.  And same goes for cold drinks, instead of drinking gallons of cold water in an attempt to improve our health, better to have some warm (non caffeine) teas, cordial or even warm water which won’t chill your insides.

And well, obviously I also want to point out a few benefits that some acupuncture can bring to you over the winter months. If you want some help with cracking those cravings (whether it be for 20 B&H or Green & Blacks Maya Gold…mmmm)  then auricular (ear) acupuncture can be a very effective way of managing those impulses. If you have problems with a cough or cold that won’t shift, then let’s look at boosting your immune system (and getting rid of that phlegm!). If you feel like you just can’t warm up and circulation is poor then we can introduce you to the magic of moxa…. and if you want to get rid of those ‘January blues’ then there is plenty we can do to get you thinking clearly and back into balance.

I wish you all a very Happy, stress-free and peaceful Christmas and hope 2013 brings you plenty to smile about…

love Emma xxx

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