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Affordable Acupuncture

To try to keep the cost of treatment affordable a tiered system is used and patients pay depending on their income, as detailed below. You will not be asked for proof or earnings – patients decide which category they are and pay accordingly. I do not want cost to be prohibitive especially when patients may require a course of several treatments.

First appointments are 90 minutes as a full medical case history is required, covering any current issues as well as past illnesses, accidents or life events.  Female patients will also be asked about their menstrual cycle and fertility history. This first session also includes an acupuncture session.
Subsequent appointments are shorter as less discussion is required, taking usually between 45 mins to an hour.

Please note that the costs indicated below are for the Loder Road clinic only and treatments at Henfield Physiotherapy Clinic are a fixed rate of £40 per hour (£50 for the longer initial consultation) as per the clinic’s own pricing policy.

Prices (for one-to one sessions)

Cost for patients earning over £25k per yearDuration Price
First appointment1.5 hours£40
Subsequent appointments45 mins - 1 hour£35
Cost for patients earning under £25k per year *Duration Price
First appointment1.5 hours£35
Subsequent appointments45 mins - 1 hour£30

* Patients earning under 25K per year include income support/ benefits, OAPS and Students.

Nb: Further concessionary rates may be offered if repeated treatments are required over a short period, or depending on the patient’s personal circumstances.

Multi-bed costs

At the Anahata Clinic, treatments are carried out in a multi-bed setting, whereby patients are treated in a room with other patients nearby, each given their own separate area partitioned by a screen for privacy. The cost is £25 per session, and the practitioner may be treating more than one patient at a time (as once the needles are inserted the patient has 20-25 mins to relax, which allows the practitioner to start the next treatment.) Multi-bed sessions are appealing to those who wish to keep the costs low, and come for regular sessions.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or change appointments, please call or text your request to 07784 768177. If the appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, then a small fee may be charged.



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