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Aug 262014

A Welcome Return


I’m delighted to announce that precisely one year after giving birth to my gorgeous bundle of energy that is Arlo Vickers, I shall now be returning to work Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings. Close friends will be aware that this is at least six months later than initially envisaged, but Arlo had other plans and it has not been possible for me to do this any earlier! I shall be working mainly from my treatment room in Preston Park and occasionally from the Anahata Clinic on Edwards Street in central Brighton.

I look forward to welcoming new clients over the coming months and submerging myself once again in the career that I love so much. It has always felt like a tremendous priviledge to work with people in such a way and I can’t wait to continue where I left off last summer.

Emma xxx


Dec 062012

Warm your cockles and ditch the detox!

Christmas is the time for giving, but also a time to say ‘bring it on’ to extra helpings of mince pies and mulled wine by the flagon…  So come 2nd January, many of us feel the need to get back into shape and utter the dreaded ‘d’ word…. yes I mean detox! Eeek!

So come mid-January when we fall off the detox wagon, and end up drinking a few pints or burying our heads in a tub of Cadburys Heros, we then end up piling on the guilt as well. No wonder so many of us get the January Blues!

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