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Covid-19 Safety Procedures

Covid-19 safety Procedures – August 2020

In order to return to work after lockdown I have taken many measures to ensure my practice is ‘Covid safe’ as set out in the British Acupuncture Council’s strict guidelines. At present the evidence suggests that in addition to transmission via infected surfaces, Covid-19 is spread predominantly through the sharing of a confined air space and people encountering a high ‘viral load’, so steps are taken to ensure the least amount of time is taken with us together in the room, without negating in any way from the effectiveness of the treatment.

The changes I have implemented are:

- Reducing patient contact time by conducting all consultations remotely, either by phone call or video call.

- Upholding the guidelines regarding face coverings. I wear a Type II surgical face mask at all times and request my patients wear a face covering, unless they have a specific condition that prevents them doing so.

- Reducing contact time during the treatment. Once the needles are in place I step outside the room for the duration of the treatment, leaving my patients to relax and listen to music if they wish to. I continue to check on my patients throughout the treatment and am always within earshot if they need to speak to me.

- Spacing out appointments to allow the treatment room to be cleaned thoroughly and aired between patients, using anti viral sprays, wipes and UV lighting devices.

- Changing my mask and clothing between patients. And washing hands many many times:  always between any contact between myself and my patients, involving multiple times per treatment.

The safety of my patients is my highest priority, but I must also look after myself in order to prevent myself become an asymptomic carrier and endangering others, at work, at home or when out in the community. Until the virus is no longer a threat, I urge you to take all the necessary precautions to look after yourselves and the people around you.


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